Morazán Department, el Salvador - December, 2011

Visiting El Salvador

The Story of Rufina Amaya

The Commemoration

The Museum of the Revolution

Miscellaneous Photos


The murals are intiguing. The children painted them on the walls of the museum.
"The house is for human beings."

"We are careful cutting trees to protect the environment."

"The school is for the children of the country." "Don't kill the animals. Let them grow."

The Abuela's front room is awesome!

This baby was in the store in el Mozote. Her stroller was tied to the wall with an 8 foot cord. I told the grandmother that my mother used to tie me on a leash in the backyard and that I became very good at untying knots.

A closeup of a bomb at the museum.

This vendor arrived with her bags the day before the Commemoration.

The cemetary at Perquin is really pretty.

view from Cerro Perquin looking north. The ridge in the distance where the clouds are stacked up is Honduras.
Many families had to wlak there with all their belongings fleeing Monterrosa's Atlacatl.

From Cerro Perquin looking north east.

From Cerro Perquin looking south toward el Mozote and Joateca.

At right, taking the generator out from underground where it was run so the noise would not be detected.

Pilot seat of a Dragon Fly A37 fighter bomber sent by the United States
for the war against the guerillas in el Salvador.

Looking NW from Cerro la Cruz.

Looking NE from Cerro la Cruz.

Looking South from Cerro la Cruz.

Looking SW from Cerro la Cruz.

The new monument outside el Mozote will have bronze staues of Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Mother Theresa, Oscar Romero and Jesus as well as the el Mozote family silhouette.

Just like December 11 thirty years ago, a full moon shone over Morazán department.

We must live in peace with ourselves in order not to lose life's values.
In order to appreciate what we have, it is necessary to know our origin.
People who don't know their history are condemned to repeat the past.