TNE Folding Electric Scooter
Hands down, the best electric scooter.
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Along with the Woods' brothers, we researched electric scooters. The TNE Scooters are, by far, the best. In fact, they are the only scooters suitable for our application.

We want a scooter that can be carried in the trunk of a car or stowed on a boat. It must be easily lifted aboard. It must have enough range to be run for several days without recharging. It must go fast enough to make a ten mile commute in a reasonable time frame. It must be dependable.

The Woods brothers took their scooters to a regatta in Newport, RI. They stayed 7 miles from the regatta site. They commuted on the scooters all weekend without recharging. Because of slow traffic, the scooter trip took half the time of a car trip.

Step off the boat and go from Marina Hemingway to Habana Centro in 20 minutes. Same thing for a trip from the lagoon to the south end of Isla Mujeres... or spend a couple of days (without recharging) buzzing around Isla Mujeres Centro.

Leave Marina Jacks and spend a few days exploring Sarasota.

Dining club cartel at Davis Islands Yacht Club makes you park 2 miles away? No problem. Park at the boat ramp and zip right in.

Cruise into Savannah from Morningstar Marina at Bahia Bleu.

Tie up at the foot of E Street and zip over to the Vista del Mar... oops! Wrong century.

RVers! These scooters take much less room than bicycles and are much less hassle than towing a car.

We had several criteria selecting a scooter.

It had to have good range to be used for several days without recharging.

It had to go fast enough to commute in a reasonable amount of time.

It had to be designed well enough to last as a functional tool, not a toy for a ten year old.

It had to be compact enough to carry in a boat or vehicle and light enough for one person to lift aboard.

Compare our TNE Scooters to others found on ebay or Alibaba:
TNE Scooter 50 mi. range. Others 5-15 mi range
TNE over 30 mph. Others 8-20 mph
TNE Panasonic/Samsung battery,1000 recharges. Others Chinese battery 100-400 recharges.
TNE Max load 200kg. Others 100Kg
TNE Pure Sine Wave. Others Square wave.
TNE Oil suspension. Others No.
TNE solid functional folding system. Others finicky folding systems.
TNE battery passed waterproof test. Others No.
TNE Wanda Tires. 70 mm width, 6mm thick. Others 50mm w., 4 mm thick.
TNE Handlebar height easily adjustable. Others No.
TNE 3 speed ranges. Others: 1 speed range
TNE Programmable instrument panel. Others No.

Unused, brand new in the box Q4 V3 TNE Scooters with 20ah battery for $995.

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Free delivery in Georgia.

Email Charlie or call 941 9five3 five885 for more info or test drive.

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