Thanks for your site and pictures. I went there for some inspiration because I had a double ended troller I picked up after sinking at the docks in Noyo harbor. At that time, I had no interest in pulling in fish. I wanted a boat to take home, bury up to the waterline as a part of playground for my homeschooled kids and their friends.

I raised it with the help of Coast Guard buddies at Station Noyo River and hauled home on a borrowed trailer, which I think was a former mobile home trailer. Fools errand, as I almost hit the traffic signals in down town Ft Bragg.

She sat in the sand buried up to the waterline in front of a "dock" in our front half acre just south of 10 Mile river (7 or so miles north of FB). In 1998 I gave her a good paint job and she looked like she could go to sea. That is when I sort of wished I had preserved her instead.

You might have guessed from my subject line I am talking about La Vern which was Gayle by the time I got her. I was shocked when I ran across your site. I never had a picture of her when she was under power.

I removed the side boards that you see in the picture but gave her the same colored paint job. The Diesel engine had been under salt water too long and every thing on the boat would have had to be refitted.

But I have to say that her planking was incredible and the decks pretty much perfectly in tact. Lots of rot on the pilot house though.

In 2000 I went from reserve to active Navy officer and left my wife to sell the house while in training. As part of the closing the new owners wanted the playground and boat out of there. My wife broke her up single handedly and fed a fire until she was gone.

I am using White's picture for reference because I am building a Devlin Dipper which will be a 16 foot pocket troller. I am making a number of modifications that will result in a boat that looks much like Gayle from pilot house forward.

Thanks for preserving the pictures. If I can locate a shot of real Gayle as she looked while I had her I will send it along.

Best Regards,
Mike Hakanson