Candidate for Commodore DOUG KRESGE

Doug Kresge joined the Sarasota Sailing Squadron in 1981 when there were approximately 72 members. He has been active with the Squadron ever since, beginning with the wiring of the original hoist in 1982. Doug has served on the SSS Board as Vice Commodore in 1993 continuing on as Commodore in 1994 and 1995. During his tenure as Commodore he worked with City Commissioners for the Cuba race and for the Lease Hold Expansion. His vision for the Squadron is to focus on the need to foster Youth Sailing Education, Adult Sailing Education and general interaction between all groups of the sailing community keeping with the mission set forth in the Sarasota Sailing Squadron's Mission Statement.

Candidate for Vice Commodore DAVID CURRY

David Curry is presently the Vice Commodore on the Board and wishes to remain in the position. He has been a member of the SSS since 1997. He presently resides in Cortez with his son Jasper and has been in the area since 1992. David was also the past President of the Sarasota Youth Sailing Program and was also a member of the Board for several years. He regularly serves a PRO for the youth regattas. His sailing experiences include 505's, Lasers and OK Dinghies. Various other successes include serving as the measurer for the Caribbean Yachting Association, Antigua Race week, and General Manager of Pusser's Rum for 20 years.

Candidate for Rear Commodore STEVE McCORMACK

Steve McCormack joined the Sailing Squadron six years ago and has been active in sailing for twice that time. His interest in sailing was sparked while studying Aerospace Engineering at St. Louis University. After graduation, Steve worked for noted sailboat designer, Lars Bergstrom, where his interest in sailing was solidified. He enjoys cruising and likes to make sure everyone who shows up for a Friday night race or Sunday race fins a boat to sail on. Steve has volunteered with the social committee this past year and has served on the Board of Directors for the University of South Florida Alumni Association. He has two children and looks forward to the day when they are old enough to join the YSP. Steve's goal as Rear Commodore is of maintaining the long-range affordability and sustainability of the club for all types of sailors. He has a passion for the squadron and feels we are all extremely lucky to have this club.

Candidate for Treasurer DAVID EMMERLING

David Emmerling became a member of the Squadron in 1998. For the past 11 years he has resided in Sarasota and has been working for John Hancock. David sails his Hunter 30 in his spare time. He has been the Treasurer of the Board for the past 2 years. David has also worked on the Membership Committee and is on the Executive Committee. Helping to implement Quickbooks and overseeing the Financial Review along with implementing the recommendations that where made have been a couple of David's achievements as Treasurer.

Candidate for Secretary CHARLIE CLIFTON

Charlie Clifton has been a member of the SSS for the past 19 years. He has previously served as Fleet Captain and Vice Commodore. While serving, his attendance record at Board meetings was outstanding having perfect attendance as Vice Commodore. He has run many events including the Labor Day Regatta. The Sailing Instructions for the event were written by Charlie and, the basic premise of those instructions, are still used today. He has been SSS “Sailor of the Year” two times. For the past four years, Charlie has been the Squadron webmaster. He redesigned the site and updates it regularly in a timely manner. He has personally written many articles to transform the site into a fountain of information. Charlie has been a very active member over the past 19 years serving on several committees. He is passionate about the mission of the Squadron and his general vision of the Squadron is for it to be an organization in which all sailors can come together to enjoy sailing in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

Candidate for Secretary STAN ZIMMERMAN

Stan Zimmerman has served on the Board as Secretary and as Education Coordinator. He has been the Secretary for the past 4+ years. As an active member of the Squadron since 1981, he has served on many committees including the Nominating Committee, Mooring Committee, Education Committee, and Standing Rules Committee to name a few. Working as President of the Coalition of City Neighborhood Association (CCNA) has afforded him the experience of communicating with the City Commissioners on a professional, as well as a personal, level. Stan is a writer publishing the book Cruising with Class, History of Smuggling in Florida and is presently working on getting Ameritime History of Florida published. Teaching Cruising with Class has been a meaningful contribution to the Squadron for Stan. He resides in Sarasota with his wife and son. Stan feels the Board will have a larger responsibility with new management just around the corner and the lease renewal in 2008.

Candidate for Fleet Captain DAVE JENNINGS

Dave Jennings has been a member of the SSS since 1992 when he moved to Sarasota. He is a Broker/Associate and managing member of Commercial Real Estate Advisors for Sky Sotheby's International Realty. He has been in real estate since 2001. “Just Karma”, a Precision 28, is his present boat of choice although he has experience on many types of boats. Dave has served on the Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation allowing him to regularly interface with the Sarasota City Commission, Planning, Zoning, Variance Review Board and other city departments while working to protect, relocate and/or record Sarasota's unique, historic built environment. Dave resides in Sarasota with his wife and two daughters. Giving back to the club is important to Dave to help preserve, protect and improve what the club is all about.

Candidate for Measurer Position ALAN CAPELLIN

Alan Capellin has been around sailing since he was 7 years old. He presently resides in Bradenton with his wife and 2 daughters. As well as being a member of the SSS for 3 ˝ years, his qualifications include being a sailmaker for the past 20 years, PHRF Rating and Tech Committee for 4 years, the Melges 24 class measurer for 2 years, and FSA member and representative for Davis Island Yacht Club, just to name a few. Alan is familiar with all types of boats, but a few of his favorites include the Snipe, Thisle, J-24, Flying Scott, Melges and PHRF

Candidate for Education Coordinator STUART GILFILLEN

Stuart Gilfillen is currently the director of the Sarasota Youth Sailing Program, a position he has held since October 2006. A native of Massachusetts, Stu arrived in Sarasota after having spent the previous two years working as the head coach of the Providence College Sailing Team and summers as the Sailing Director of the Edgartown Yacht Club located on Martha's Vineyard, MA. A 2004 graduate of Roger Williams University Stu has been very involved in sailing both in its teaching and as a competitor. A US Sailing Level Two Certified Coach, Stu spent the majority of his youth traveling throughout North America competing in Optimist, Laser, 420s and aboard a J-35.

Stu is running for the position of Education Coordinator with the hope of creating more educational opportunities that can involve not only the Squadron but also the YSP as well as the Luffing Lassies, Red Cross and SALT including more guest speakers, clinics (both in the Squadron and on the water), films and classes with topics that will be of interest for all members both young and old.

Candidate for Social Coordinator DANNY WIEDENHOFT

Danny Wiedenhoft has been a member of the SSS for the past 16 years. Although he has never held a Board position, he has served on several committees including Social and Standing Rules. Danny has been an active member since joining, volunteering often especially at the grill. He resides in Bradenton with his wife of 20+ years. They have two children. Danny can be seen in the work area of the club often painting the bottom of members' boats. His vision as Social Coordinator is to promote more sailing including short overnight trips and night sails to take the place of Docktail parties, getting new members out sailing and getting them more involved and active from the beginning.