February 21, 2012     Three Sarasota boats did well at the St. Pete NOOD last weekend.

John Casey and Dalton Tebo won the F-18 class. Steve Liebl's Melges 24 and Randy St. James J-80 both placed third in their respective classes.

The first two days had very little wind and produced one race. The third day it blew like hell and four races were completed.

February 13, 2012    Kirk Burnett built a new storage area for the RC gear by the hoist and then sent in this report:

As you may or may not have noticed, a blessed event has occurred at the SSS....an RC equipment shed has been born in the hoist area, Praise Posiedon!!!!

This means that the years of shlepping marks and anchors up and down stairs, across the Squadron grounds and out onto the docks has sadly? come to an end.

As of this writing, the entire structure that houses the hoist gear, gas cans and, RC gear has been reroofed, repaired, primed and painted....it should last for a while. It took a tiny bit longer than first thought but what ev.....

My thanks go out to a bunch of folks.....the Petrat family for their generous donation of time and the metal roofing and trim for the job. Then....Laurel Kaiser for her labor tearing the old roof off and the FINE paint job, and for making me almost believe that she gave a crap about what I thought about the colors! Doug Stewart, who I can't believe was there as much as I was. Andy Hodgson, who managed to get more paint on himself than the work. Ed Seenstra, who helped lay the foundation of this massive undertaking and, the hardest working maintenance man since James Brown, Mark Schiffner for fixing my plumbing misadventure...AND.....the millions of folks who stopped by to offer their design expertise.....wonderful! Thanks to the SSS staff Craig, Nelly, Constance and, Paige...... now where did I leave my glasses?

February 11, 2012     A blustery northerly shut down all racing for the day. Cherry Pie is postponed.

February 10, 2012     High hopes abound for the racing program since Donna Hilmyer and Deb St. James took over race management at the Squadron. This is encouraging since there wasn't any before.

At the top of this page in the "Links" section is a link to upcoming regattas and results from Regatta Network. You'll have to use the back button to return here.

Cherry Pie and NOOD are coming up. Reports should start reappearing here on the races. Check back soon.

November 7, 2010    2010 SYC Invitational Results

August 8, 2010     Lack of participation on the SSS racing scene (with the exception of the Flying Scots and the YSP) has resulted in inattention to this web page. If racing picks up, coverage may resume. In the meantine, I'm going camping in Oregon.

February 14, 2010     Scuttlebutt reported some behind the scene intrigue in the last race of the America's Cup. A major insurrection on the RC boat forced PRO Harold Bennett to replace the Swiss members of the RC with a security cop and an Oracle observer. Bennett did the countdown himself to get the race off. It reminds of the Squadron's famous single handed RC expert, Andy Hodgson.   Story

February 4, 2010     Obviously there hasn't been much updating on this site recently. Since the racing program at the Squadron has withered like a frost bitten boniato, material is sparse. We'll continue to post NORs and other items of interest that arise. Hopefully the racing program will recover but until it does, don't expect much reporting.

July 24, 2009     Molly McKinney wins Leiter Cup for US Women Junior Sailing Championship at Westhampton NY !!! Results

July 23, 2009     Molly McKinney is up with the leaders after winning Wednesday's last race at the US Junior Women's Singlehanded Championship at Westhampton, NY.

July 14, 2009     Tom Castleman is no longer treasurer of SSS. Michelle Lee is the new treasurer.

July 2, 2009    Billy Johnson died today. Billy was one of the last surviving original members of the Sailing Squadron. A classic, old school, seat of the pants sailor who sailed everything, every place, his absence casts a gloom on Sarasota Bay. He is survived by his wife, Pat and daughters, Susan and Linda. His passing marks the end of an era. A memorial will be held at SSS June 19.  1996 Story on Billy.

June 30, 2009     Chris Stocke and Zeke Horowitz won Laser and Laser Radial classes at the US Sailing Youth Championships in Connecticut. Results

June 11, 2009    We interviewed former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens about Doug Fisher's Friday Night winning streak. The senator expounded at length about whether he thought Doug could continue the streak. Click below for his complete response.

June 5, 2009     Doug Fisher extended his streak of wins on different boats in the FN races. This time it was Randy and Deb St. James' J-80 Claire, winning by 3 seconds over Jerry Wheeler's SR 21 Demon, driven by Miro Kafka. Think you don't have a chance to win a race? Get Doug on your boat Friday night and see if you can end his streak. Results

May 9, 2009     30 boats turned out to sail a 12 mile course at the Sarasota Bay Cup. Doug Fisher's big yellow "XS" passed "Rita B" and "Claire" at the end of the last leg as Valdek Kwasniewski roared into fourth on his Corsair. Many boats finished neck and neck. Results

May 8, 2009     Dave Olson on "Necessary Evil" came out on top of a nice fleet of boats Friday Night tuning up for the Sarasota Bay Cup .

May 1, 2009     Craig Crosley and Doug Fisher brought out a new J-95 for the Friday Night Race and won a close victory over Dave Olson on "Necessary Evil".

April 21, 2009     Another YSP graduate is in the news again. Danny Pletsch has won the 2009 Interclub Nationals in a 55 boat fleet.   More info

April 21, 2009     The Sarasota High School team, led by Chris and Will Stocke, won the Southeast regional qualifier for the Mallory Cup...   more details from Anne Stocke

April 18, 2009    Dave Ettinger on "Mo' Air" was the lone SSS victor at the Shark's Tooth Regatta in Venice. He won Non Spin, the largest class consisting of nine boats.   Results

April 17, 2009     Bill Johnsen, Donna Steele and Tim Miller won the FN race by ten seconds over the boat named for Donna's mom. The Non Spins' race was abandonned because "F" went missing. If you see a Squadron mark off station, please report it to the office.

April 10, 2009     Some new faces showed up for the FN races. Irwin and Brenda Koster with Ron Frisosky were out on "Whoops". Randy and Deb St. James were out on their new J 80 "Claire". Tony Vandenover was out on his sporty Nacra 18. Richard Elsishan took the lead on a long run to J and never looked back. Tom Turner sailed "Freedom" to a win in NS. Kathryn & Paul Garlick won multihulls. Nice 8-12 knot breeze.

April 7, 2009     Nancy Carolen has been chosen as the new SSS manager.

April 3, 2009     Doug Dearden and the "In Tune" crew broke out their old spinnaker to win the first race they've sailed in that class for a long time. They corrected ahead of Richard Elsishan by 18 seconds. Rich Muro on "Blammo" won non spin.   Results

April 2, 2009     From John Domagala: We just learned that our bid to host the Flying Scot Midwinters in 2011 has been accepted. The event is being moved from St Pete YC and will alternate between the Squadron and Southern YC in New Orleans. Thanks to Alan and everyone who helped out with the warm ups held with One Design Midwinters. The great experience our fleet had there helped seal the deal.

March 29, 2009     The Sarasota Sailfest turned out to be a gear buster as a slowly approaching front whipped the bay into a frenzy. Once again, the Opti fleet proved it was the toughest, being the only one to complete a race on Saturday. An onlooker with an anemometer clocked a gust of 40 mph from the dock. Results

March 21, 2009     Seventy seven sailboats from all over the US and Canada competed on a breezy Sarasota Bay last weekend in the Michelob Light Midwinter Championship.

Local sailors won three of the six fleets.

In the 29er fleet, the crew of local youths Dalton Tebo and Dan Goldman jumped out to an early lead in the three day series. They struggled in some of the middle races and then won the last race to clinch a victory in the mostly Canadian fleet.

The 32 boat Flying Scot fleet was by far the largest. Local sailors Jim Egan and Richard Elsishan won the class ahead of Virginian Mike Miller who won a tie breaker over Tallahasseean Jordan Smith. 81 year old Dr. Jeff Pennfield placed a very respectable fifth in this most competitive fleet under conditions that forced many boats to retire.

The E Scow class was won by regatta organizer Jim Barr despite a valiant effort by runner up Bruce Hilton.

Barney Harris from Arlington, Virginia, ran away with the Albacore Class trophy in a fleet that was half Canadian.

In the International Canoe fleet, Steve Clark from Warren, Rhode Island, was testing out a new boat he had just built for a customer in Germany. After a fourth in the first race, he port tacked the fleet to win the second wire to wire. That began a string of bullets that led him to win that class by 8 points.

Two women skippers battled throughout the weekend for the top of the Daysailer Class. At the end, Dede Plessner from Ozoma FL, eked out a victory over Chris Kelly from Dunedin, FL.

Complete Results

March 14, 2009     28 boats turned out on a beautiful spring day with an 8-12 knot southerly for the Pot o' Gold Regatta. Dave Ettinger won Non Spinnaker, the largest class. The Maine Twinems won the Flying Scots. Jason Roznos on Rhumba won Cruising while the crew of Connelly, Revou, Doyle and Clifton won Spinnaker.

February 16, 2009     A large amount of emails and phone calls have been coming in from members expressing concern over the mooring field. The predominant opinion is that we should take Option 1, thank the State for their offer to settle the matter, incur no large, long term debt, avoid opening the SSS to non-members, and proceed with efforts to secure a long term lease with the City.

February 15, 2009     83 Master Laser sailors from Germany, Canada, Dominican Republic and all over the US raced 9 races over the weekend in their Midwinter championship. Brett Davis from Naples, FL won overall.

February 14, 2009     Crews on Jerry Wheeler's SR Max, David Wilson's Hunter 30 and Rudy Reinecke's Beneteau 40 won Spinnaker, Cruising and Non spin classes respectively in the Cherry Pie regatta.

January 28, 2009     At the special board meeting, it was decided that an improved option would be sought from Tallahassee. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking on this time bomb. One onlooker asked if Art Nadel had been involved in disbursing these moorings. SSS had an approved mooring field for 38 moorings. How did over 80 more moorings appear, many over a period of time when a BOD mandated mooring moratorium was in effect? What the costs will be and who will pay them is still up in the air. But in the meantime, SSS is footing the bill to find out.

January 27, 2009    A special board meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow evening to make a decision on whether or not to spend well over $100,000 on the mooring field per year forever. Those who have followed this saga over the years (seePrevious Reports   from November 2006 forward) will remember backers of this project saying that the cost would be less than $20,00, then $50,000 and now $???. Should the SSS be on the hook for mooring charges from the State that mooring owners may decide are too expensive so they simply remove their boats?

The board is taking no input tomorrow but this issue could make or break the future of the SSS. Click here for Jo Dzina letter on the subject.

January 22, 2009     Amazingly, Doug Fisher and crew were back on the water racing XS after repairing the mast.

January 20, 2009     90 minutes before Barack Obama was sworn in as President, approaching the first mark in the first race today at Key West Race Week, the mast of XS broke 10 feet above the deck. Doug Fisher's Robertson 41 was leading PHRF 1 after yesterday's races. Initial reports indicate no one was injured and the boat was under way toward the harbor with sails and remainder of rig aboard.

January 13, 2009     At the monthly Board meeting, many members spoke of the good job Greta Dabringhaus had done as manager. Her resignation was lamented. Interim Manager Nancy Carolan was introduced. The Board and Management have a full plate on the table to deal with Accounts Receivable and Payable and reconciliation with the state of the Mooring Field problem, a sticking point that is holding up any chance of obtaining a long term land lease from the City.

January 11, 2009     The Stocke brothers continue to win honors on the sailing circuit. Chris placed first of 110 Laser Radials at the 2009 Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami December 26-30.   (Results)
Will was featured in the January 2009 issue of Sailing World magazine as one of Gary Jobson's 6 Junior All Stars selected from across the country.

January 1, 2009     A good turnout sailed in the Hangover Regatta in a puffy easterly under sunny skies. Swim Mart was the first over the line. Canadian Barney Edwards in his Albacore probably won on corrected time but nobody knows how to run the QuickScore program. SSS is in dire need of a volunteer to perform this task for our regattas. Contact VC John Huber if you are interested.

August 1, 2008     NEWS FLASH !    Sarasota YSP sailors Will Stocke, Max Famiglietti and Matt Dowd won the Sears Cup for the US Junior Triplehanded Championship in Chicago IL. This is the third time a Sarasota team has won this national event. In 2004, the team of Fred Strammer, Dalton Tebo, and Charlotte Sims won at Mallett's Bay VT. In 2006, Strammer, Katrina Salk, and Zeke Horowitz won at Detroit, MI.

August 1, 2008 The opposite direction mark rounding format was abandonned and a marathon substituted for the FN race. It was a nice, cool evening sail but the breeze faltered before everyone finished. "Bongwater", "Narley Melges", and "In Tune" managed to get across the finish line in that order before it went glassy.

July 25, 2008 Friday Night races were spiced up by sending the multihulls and the spinnaker boats around the windward mark in opposite directions. That was very exciting. Doug Dearden's "In Tune" won spinnaker and Mike Speth's "Swim Mart" won multihull.

July 20, 2008 Your webmaster returned from a vegetable oil powered tour of the Northeast, exploring traditional and modern boat designs. Former SSS sailor Jim Ryan was found on the east shore of the Chesapeake Bay sailing Log Canoes. On the south shore of Long Island, the 100th anniversary of the SS sailboat was celebrated. We arrived at the Sunfish North Americans on the shore of Lake Erie because it looked like a good place to camp for free. Event chair Tim Polaski put me on the spot by providing a race rigged Sunfish and sending me out to the course to be humbled.

June 20, 2008 The Friday Night "Jack Attack" was a resounding success. A light breeze held throughout the race. The reverse handicap format produced some close finishes in front of the crowd at Marina Jacks. Right after "Bongwater", Cliff Whatmore's "Gaux Get Mama' finished neck and neck, but ahead of, Doug Dearden's "In Tune". Then Jerry Wheeler and Bill Johnsen finished overlapped on their SRs after Bill found little wind near the Golden Gate Point condos. (see third paragraph in second column of the   Billy Johnson story). Randy St. James and crew were most relaxed while Bob Neff and crew on the Corsair needed a little more breeze.

June 16, 2008 The June Burgee reported that on April 8, 2008, the Board allocated $4,00.00 to hire GT3 Creative of Miami to design, implement, and manage a new official SSS website. This site will maintain up to date pages it has here but it is unclear whether pages designated as "links" to and from the official SSS website pages will continue to work.

June 13, 2008 The three Melges got out in front after an exciting start. The last leg was a run for the Melges and a beat for the rest of the fleet. Bongwater, Narley Melges and Gaux Get Mama finished in that order.

June 11, 2008 SBYA is conducting a survey in which you can paticipate at This Link.

June 5, 2008 The "Bongwater" crew won their first FN race of the season. Scattered thunderstorms produced gusty variable breezes. The RC boat, with Captain Kirk at the helm won the prize for most crew aboard.

May 30, 2008 Memorial Day had the most erratic winds of any race in Friday Night history. The "Purple Haze" crew recovered from having to return to restart to win this nail biter.

May 26, 2008 34 boats sailed around Lido on a beautiful, cool, easterly day. The crew of "Swim Mart" entertained the fleet with multihull gymnastic maneuvers. Results

May 24, 2008 Sources report the Board has allocated $4,000.00 to hire someone to design a new official Sarasota Sailing Squadron website.

May 23, 2008 Jeff DuVal fired all crew members under the age of 6, hired a seasoned pro, and went out and did a horizon job on the Friday Night fleet. "In Tune', "Bongwater", and "Necessary Evil" were close in the following positions.

May 8, 2008 Racers in the Sarasota Key West Race endured one of the few all upwind races for that event. Although it went light for a short time, most of the race was sailed in breezy conditions. Grant Dumas on his Ranger 33 won Spin class and had the best corrected monohull time.

Ron Greenberg on "Forever Young" won Cruising, the largest class, despite being one of two boats, each with a professional aboard, who had to go back to start after going off with the wrong class.

Bill Dooley on his Beneteau 51 won the Racer/Cruisers. Katherine Garlick, on the only multihull, was first to finish (22 hours). Results

May 7, 2008 Jeff duVal won the sixth FNR on his Melges 24, "Me". His strategy of using a three and a five year old as crew seems to work very well. He credited their uncany concentration for the win.

May 2, 2008 The SR Max Necessary Evil, directed by YSP star Jason D'Agostino, won the fifth FNR in a close victory over "Bongwater".

May 26, 2008 34 boats sailed around Lido on a beautiful, cool, easterly day. The crew of "Swim Mart" entertained the fleet with multihull gymnastic maneuvers. Results

May 24, 2008 Sources report the Board has allocated $4,000.00 to hire someone to design a new official Sarasota Sailing Squadron website.

May 23, 2008 Jeff DuVal fired all crew members under the age of 6, hired a seasoned pro, and went out and did a horizon job on the Friday Night fleet. "In Tune', "Bongwater", and "Necessary Evil" were close in the following positions.

May 8, 2008 Racers in the Sarasota Key West Race endured one of the few all upwind races for that event. Although it went light for a short time, most of the race was sailed in breezy conditions. Grant Dumas on his Ranger 33 won Spin class and had the best corrected monohull time.

Ron Greenberg on "Forever Young" won Cruising, the largest class, despite being one of two boats, each with a professional aboard, who had to go back to start after going off with the wrong class.

Bill Dooley on his Beneteau 51 won the Racer/Cruisers. Katherine Garlick, on the only multihull, was first to finish (22 hours). Results

May 7, 2008 Jeff duVal won the sixth FNR on his Melges 24, "Me". His strategy of using a three and a five year old as crew seems to work very well. He credited their uncany concentration for the win.

May 2, 2008 The SR Max Necessary Evil, directed by YSP star Jason D'Agostino, won the fifth FNR in a close victory over "Bongwater".

April 2, 2008 One course sailed 5 races and the other sailed 10 as the wind co-operated at the Sarasota One Design Midwinters last weekend. Bill Johnsen won the tie breaker over Dave Olson in the SR Max class, which contest came down to the last race. Salie O'Malie and crew came on strongly at the end after a slow start. Dave and Karen Thinel came down from Davis Island to give the local boats a lesson in the Flying Scots. John Domaglia was the best local boat in third. Will Stocke and his YSP crew were very fast but had to eat an OCS on their way to fourth place. Bob and Jill Robinson from Columbia, MD, held off a pack of Canadians to win the Albacores by a large margin. Chris and David Kelly of Dunedin won seven of ten races in the Day Sailers. Richard Elsishan eked out a one point victory over Jim Barr in the E Scows. Jim not only raced but also ran the regatta at which everyone had a great time.

March 18, 2008 Racers in the Pot o' Gold Regatta had a great sail in piping breeze. Despite some confusion with the course, Bill Johnsen on his SR Max, Tom Turner on his cruising boat, and Ron Pletsch on his Flying Scot won their classes. Chris Carnell sailed a good race on his Melges.

March 7, 2008 The mooring field morass is becoming deeper and denser. Anyone with an interest in the mooring field should absolutely attend the March 11 board meeting to find out what is going on. Costs of this project continue to accrue. Is there any gold at the end of this rainbow? Will those who think they now have a mooring, still have a mooring after this is sorted out? Will it ever be sorted out? Will there be a final cost? See January 2007 , November 2007 and November 2006 in Previous Reports.

Past Commodore Pressman sent a letter on one of the problems.

Greta Garriques has been hired as manager and is in the process of learning the ropes to effect a smooth change of management. This process should be closely monitored so that the changing of the guard this spring is as painless as possible.

Many important items will be discussed at the March 11 board meeting. All members are encouraged to attend.

February 13, 2008 We received this report from a member who attended the February 12 board meeting:
"Well, Stan Zimmerman stepped down from the secretary position. The Commodore recommended that David Jennings be moved to that postion so he could be on the Executive Committee since he has so much work going on with the mooring field and other committees. Then the Commodore recommended that Sara Allen be appointed as fleet captain. McCormack made the motion and board just sat there with no discussion. (Apparently the exec committee had already made the plan) Anyway, I asked if I could address the board and asked why Charlie Clifton wasn't even considered for the position, I said you were recommended by nominating committee and at least members had voted for you. Commodore then said how overworked Jennings was and that moving him to secretary made sense. I then asked why you or someone that was recommended by nominating commitee wasn't considered for fleet captain? (Race Captain) Rich Muro then said he didn't like the way things were going and stated that the election was just a few months ago, why didn't Jennings run for secretary then? No one else seemed to care and they voted in favor of Commodore's plan with only Rich objecting. I went home disappointed as usual."

January 31, 2008 Scuttlebutt: Reliable sources report Stan Zimmerman has stepped down as Secretary 2˝ months after being elected and that former nominating committee member Greta Garrigues was selected by the Executive Committee to be the new manger after Pat Murphy's retirement.

January 27, 2008 Bill Johnsen's Stiletto 30 blew away the Sunday cruiser fleet and then self destructed on the last reach. The main strut broke and the big catamara folded in half in 15 knot wind. The crew on the boat sailed by Scott Purcell and Pat Echenique executed a flawless rescue of the crew. There were no injuries.

January 16, 2008 Recently elected Commodore John McKay is embroiled in confusion over whether he is attempting to derail and disband the managerial search committee. This confusion comes as volunteers for other committees are turned away while this Commodore simutaneously puts out a call in the Burgee for more committee volunteers. Is this an end run by a Commodore who holds office by virtue of 35 undelivered ballots? This email exchange was submitted in which past Commodore Alan Pressman requests answers to this Commodore's recent actions.

January 8, 2008 Some members took it upon themselves to arbitrarily change the designated time limits by repainting the colors on the docking areas. The board received assurances it would be rectified. Manager: "I told the boys that wouldn't work." No culprits were identified.

January 1, 2008 YSP sailors Abby Featherstone and Chris Stocke placed fifth and sixth repectively in very large fleets at the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami in December.   Results

November 20, 2007 35 ballots from Luffing Lassies and YSP members that were supposed to have been delivered to the General Membership Meeting have turned up. These ballots are overwhelmingly marked for Doug Kresge - Commodore.

November 19, 2007 John McKay was elected Commodore by 3 votes. Challenges involving the State of Florida problems with excessive number of moorings placed in the mooring field, accounting of SSS finances, dead boats on the premises, and hiring a new manager will face the incoming board.

November 14, 2007 The decision to order a bathymetric survey for the mooring field was tabled at the board meeting last night. Serious potential liabilities for the Squadron could result from mooring field activity according to a member who is experienced with the DEP riparian and submerged lands permitting. All members should take an interest in what is taking place with this project .

November 8, 2007 Uh oh ! More costs ahead for mooring field project. Note that we've requested the application for mooring field management to be withdrawn. A motion will be presented at the next board meeting to contract a signed and sealed bathymetric survey by a licensed engineering company relating to a new request for a Temporary Use Permit. Is it time for cost/benefit analysis yet? See January 2007 and November 2006 in Previous Reports. Next board meeting is November 13.

November 7, 2007 Commodore Pressman addressed part of the mooring field problem noted October 24th in this email.

November 2, 2007 SSS sailor Zeke Horowitz placed 2nd in the Interscholastic Singlehanded High School National Championship held at Shilshole Bay, Washington. Florida sailor David Hernandez won the event as our Florida sailors bested the top high school sailors in the country. Story & results.

October 29, 2007 The Great Pumpkin Regatta had only nine PHRF boats turn out under cloudy skies. The rain held off and nice breeze was there for the race. John Steele's Melges 24 crew won Spinnaker and was first overall. Kevin Ratigan won Non-Spin. Dave Ettinger continued his winning ways in his Ranger in Cruising class. Dave has the Ranger going faster each race.

Eleven Flying Scots turned out. Marsh Pardey won that class in the last race by putting enough boats between him and Ron Pletsch.   Results

Lasers, Sunfish and Optis also sailed. Results for them will be posted when received.

October 24, 2007 The inclusion of John McKay's name on the dead boat list has spurred inquiries as to his status as a member in good standing and his eligibility to hold a Board position.

Bill Niblock has responded to the DEP with a letter   requesting our application for Submerged Land Lease (Mooring Field) be withdrawn. The letter indicates an intention to apply for a Temporary Use Permit. The letter also acknowledges 5 more items DEP is requesting, some of which could be quite expensive. DEP has also been concerned with the number of moorings in the field compared to what is supposed to be there, a concern vociferously noted in the past by former VC Barb Levin. See January 4, 2007, in Previous Reports.

Commodore Alan Pressman sent in his final Commodore's Report

October 22, 2007The Bob Buzzelli Legacy Regatta went off very well with good breeze. Congratulations to winners Peter Wormwood, Katherine Garlick and Bill Johnsen. Results

October 15, 2007 Squadron sailor Jeff DuVal continues to win in southeast Melges class....   Pensacola Results

October 10, 2007The Sarasota boys at the Olympic Trials are in respectable mid-fleet positions as of today. Fred Strammer had a bullet in the third race. Results to date.

On a much sadder note, Bob Buzzelli died yesterday after a sudden affliction. Bob was a well known catamaran afficionado and long time supporter of sailing activities, especially the Sarasota Youth Sailing Program. Bob was 45 years old and will be sorely missed.

October 8, 2007 - The Burgee is out with the ballot for the Board of Directors' election. We recommend votes for Doug Kresge and Charlie Clifton for the two contested positions.

October 6, 2007 - Veteran captain of the seven seas, Chuck Tanner, wrote to report that Sarasota Sailing Squadron progenies, Fred Strammer, Chris Branning, and Zeke Horowitz have all qualified for the U S Olympic Trials. Not bad for a little Florida sailing club!

Sept. 12, 2007 - The Board passed a resolution that will make the owners of the 23 dead boats on the grounds ineligible for membership renewal unless they rectify the problem before membership renewal at the end of this year.

September 4, 2007 Election Recommendations - Please vote!
Doug Kresge - Commodore
David Curry - Vice Commodore
Steve McCormack - Rear Commodore
David Emmerling - Treasurer
Charlie Clifton - Secretary Statement
David Jennings - Fleet Captain
Rich Muro - Race Captain
Allan Capellin - Measurer
Stuart Gilfillen - Education

August 15, 2007 - At the August 14 Board Meeting, Nominating Committee Chairman Peter Robinson presented the NC slate of nominees for the 2007 election. The slate can be viewed   here.

In other business, the board announced their intention to bring the new accounting program on line September 1. Delay in entering data has stymied initiation of the new system. Board members were adamant about their desire to implement this program ASAP.

The New Manager Hiring Committee has made a great deal of progress on procedural details. A plan for hiring the new manager will be available after the September 10 EC meeting. Job description and other details will be available at that time. Resumés will be accepted after the plan has been finalized in September but are not being accepted at this time.

Fleet Captain Jim May unveiled a proposed mandatory mooring tackle system to be instituted in the mooring field. A diagram of the system is available here.

July 23, 2007 - Sarasota Sailing Squadron Board of Directors elections are coming up.
Doug Kresge, who served as Commodore in 1994 and 1995, has thrown his hat into the ring for the same position. Doug was instrumental in negotiating with the City for the acquisition of the beach front land in front of the radio station. He will be invaluable in the upcoming negotiations for our lease renewal.

The Nominating Committee has put together bios on the candidates interviewed. Click   here   for the bios.

April 25, 2007 - The Minutes in the April Burgee had some discussion of this website. Board Member Tom Deeter was reported to have referred to me as "disgruntled" and "holding the Sailing Squadron hostage". He labelled this site "disparaging". Jim May reportedly lamented "so much negative information" on this site.

One of the purposes of this site is to call for transparency and accountability in the management of our organization. Another purpose is to voice a vision for the Squadron that may be different than that of a majority of the current Board members. Board members have their views published in the Minutes (as per discretion of Stan Zimmerman) and personal Burgee columns. They enjoy the soap box of BOD positions. This site is a soap box for members who do not have the opportunities afforded BOD members.

Views alternate to those of some Board members will continue to be expressed here. Just because those views may not coincide with the current Board does not mean they are "disparaging" and "negative", nor that I am "disgruntled". Disagreement with current Board direction does not equate with disloyalty to the Squadron.

There will be another election in seven months. Everyone interested in the future of the Squadron should carefully consider whom they would like to see in Board positions for the future. Occupants of these positions will determine in what direction the Squadron moves forward. The last election had carefully regulated candidates. For the next election we need candidates with vision who will lead in a better direction. We need to start working on that right now.

February 21, 2007 - Alan Pressman called today and requested we remove the logo from this site. He was asked who might own the logo and replied he had no idea. So the logo remains. (2/23/07 - I took the logo off hoping that increasingly lengthy emails would cease.)

As the conversation went on, it appeared that what sparked the call may have been discussion on this site of the mooring field and it's costs. He stated the costs were less than what has been surmised.

An offer was made to the Commodore to publish an accounting of mooring field costs if he would like to provide one. Tranparency is the best way to dispel rumors. He replied, "That's not my job." Then he remarked that the mooring field costs were a small part of the annual squadron budget. - Email exchange about this.

In other news, reports indicate that the hoist is now up and running.

February 14, 2007 - A sudden, recent surge in hits to this site has propelled us close to the top of search engine results pages. Thanks to all for their patronage.

At the February Board meeting, the YSP came forward to request the annual donation that SSS has been making to the program for many years. It has been several years since the donation has been increased. YSP requested the board consider an increase. EC Deiter noted he would like to see the Director of YSP appear before the Board. Secretary Zimmerman expressed reservations about the donation. The board decided to issue a check to the YSP for ˝ of the usual amount and discuss later any further amount.

The hoist saga continues. Once again the boom is dissembled and out of commission pending the ??th attempt at repair. Replacement is still apparently not a consideration.

Since the Board tabled a proposal in December to include in the Burgee a "Letters to the Editor" section, this site will provide such a service. We believe it is important for members to be able to voice their concerns. See below.

We are flattered that this site came up for discussion at the February meeting. Reference was made to an agreement that took place between former Commodore Broadribb and a director of this site. Commodore Broadribb had expressed concern that the members' site could be mistaken for the official administration SSS site. That problem was quickly resolved by placing, at the top and bottom of this home page, a notice that this is an independent member's site. Additionally, a link to the official site was graciously provided at no charge.

January 4, 2007 - There should be some interesting discussions at the upcoming January 9 Board Meeting.

The Mooring Field saga continues to burn money like wildfire. Perhaps we need a cost/benefit analysis of exactly what we are getting and at what cost. Dues and onshore storage rates were raised as of January 1st.

One board member seems to think that the YSP should be moved off the grounds. Secretary Stan Zimmerman wrote about the YSP in an email picked up by NSA monitoring and recently declassified.

Referring to the old Pelican Man sanctuary, Secretary Zimmerman wrote, "However the site could be wonderful for the YSP, and give them their own space. I'm sure we at the SSS can, will and should put all our energies to help the YSP secure that spot. However the lack of response from the YSP leadership to even consider the idea makes me wonder if we are living with a parasite...a 30-something who refuses to consider leaving home." Full text of email  here.

Anyone who thinks the YSP, Luffing Lassies and other racing groups are an integral part of the SSS and should remain on the grounds can make their voices heard January 9.

Should the Squadron support youth and other sailing programs or should it become a nautical Salvation Army?

November 2006 - The elections are over. Reform candidates missed by 20-50 votes for three positions. Changes will have to wait another year. If they are going to take place, more than 120 of the 900 members will have to vote.

The mooring field money pit continues to deepen. After dumping $20 to $30 thousand into the project, word now is that "sea grass mitigation" may be necessary. Maybe details can be obtained at the December 12 board meeting.

At the November board meeting it was decided to raise storage fees 10% and dues 5%. A 30 foot boat on a mooring will continue to incur the same charges as a Sunfish in a dinghy rack.

Cigarette smoking sentries will continue to be stationed in front of the door to the porch. Walt Wyatt will continue sleeping on his boat at the main dock. Convenient kitchen facilities have been installed on the main dock for the residents.

New Vice Commodore Tom Younkman is a nice guy but his lack of regatta expertise will take its toll on the racing program. Among other new board members, Jim May believes "not a single thing" is necessary to improve the Squadron. Tom Dieter returns to the board after a stint as Commodore where he worked so well with others that he saw fit to abolish all committees.

A financial review of accounting procedures completed by a CPA firm was presented at the November board meeting. The report noted significant deficiencies in the design or operation of the internal control structure. Secretary Zimmerman characterised the report as a glowing accolade to management.

It should be an interesting year.

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